Online Reputation Repair

online-reputation-managementEvery once in a while I receive an inquiry from a small business that is attempting to recover from a bad review(s), legal issues that are made public, or a news story that damages their online reputation. If they didn’t understand the power of the Internet to amplify their business profile previously, they get a quick education through a negative situation.

The first question I get is “how can I make these bad reviews go away?” or, “can I remove these negative comments, posts or news articles from the web?” Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is “no.” Many damaging reviews, legal outcomes and inaccurate news reports will live on into perpetuity. Even if you are able to get a bad review or news story taken down from a website, other sister sites or data aggregators will have the same article, or article excerpts, listed on their site. This situation is especially true of stories that are distributed through press release websites.

Therefore, in reputation management, a good defense is developing a proactive offense to minimize the impact and visibility of the negative articles. By creating new articles, directory listings and online profiles the negative articles will be pushed lower in ranking results for the keywords in question.

However, the first step should always be to address the root cause of the bad reviews and negative press. If your business practices or employees have caused harm, address those issues first! After that, you can embark on the long and time-consuming process of repairing your web reputation.

  1. Research Keywords
    1. Identify key search terms that bring up the negative Google Results you are trying to mitigate.
    2. Develop a business description that incorporates those keywords into the description. Title tags, that appear in the tab of a browser and H1 tags, which are usually the main subject of the page are key.
  2. Setup a account
    1. Improve your local listings score to 100%
  3. Create press releases on top PR sites
  4. Create business listings and/or personal profiles on key sites
  5. Create Social Media profiles
    1. Facebook
    2. Linkedin biz page
    3. Linkedin personal pages for Directors
    4. Twitter
    5. Google Plus (business page and maps listing)
    7. Pinterest (ask Pinterest users to make pins linking to the website)
  6. Setup a Google Alert on the business name and keywords that are triggering high rankings in Google for the negative stories.

Repairing a business reputation is an arduous task and there are a select number of reputable reputation management companies that will help guide a business or individual through the process for a handsome price. Make sure the agency explains how they will document their efforts and repair the damage and also how they measure and independently validate their success.

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Jayne D’Alessandro-Cox | Virginia Author

jayne d'alessandro-coxJayne D’Alessandro-Cox is a Virginia author whom I came to know through one of my business colleagues, Philip Day. Ms. D’Alessandro-Cox has written several children’s books and a unique book on the first 31 years of Thomas Jefferson’s life. I can personally attest to her engaging writing style since I have purchased all of them myself! It is a pleasure to feature Jayne as a true entrepreneur in action.

1. Career influences

At this chapter in my life, when people ask me, “…and what do you do?”, I humbly answer, “I am an author”. One question seems to lead to many, but the occasion always reminds me that career paths can be so unexpected in life.

My career influence was my English teacher in my sophomore year of high school. The assignment was to write a Christmas story. As a 16 year old, that was the last thing I wanted to do on Christmas break. As tears dropped on my loose leaf paper, I said a prayer and asked God to help me think of something to write. What happened next changed my life. Within 2 ½ hours, my attitude went from feeling sorry for myself, to excitement, as God had inspired me to write the sweetest Christmas story, in verse, which I titled, A Miracle in Bethlehem. I cannot ever remember writing in verse, but the end result got me a 95% with the following remarks from my teacher, “…with some illustrations, this could be a very nice children’s book!” If it were not for my teacher’s written remark on my paper, I would not have saved it and published it over 35 years later. Unmistakably, my English teacher was my career influence, but God was my inspiration.

2. Biggest Career Success

This has to be my most recent book entitled Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man. It is a historical, autobiographical, and biographical account of Thomas Jefferson’s first 31 years of life, written in journal form and supplemented with background text to further inform the reader.  It documents Jefferson’s childhood, adolescence, and journey to manhood.  The reader will get to know our founding father more intimately after reading about his early years.  To understand the man, one needs to learn about the boy. There is no book like this on the market today, and it is, thankfully, getting rave reviews!

3. Recent Lessons Learned

As an author of four books, I’ve had to do numerous book related tasks and projects that were completely out of my comfort zone.  Once my first book came out, I assumed that it would be in every book store nationwide. So not the case! That “may” happen for a celebrity, but certainly not for the “average Joe, or Jayne”!  I’ve since learned how to represent and promote my books through book signings and speaking engagements, and give radio interviews, while actively promoting them over social media.  It helps to have a great web site, thanks to Brian Loebig and Philip Day Communications!  (

4. What Inspires and Motivates

What most inspires and motivates me is my relationship with Christ.  If everyone could only experience how wonderful it is to have an intimate communication with Christ, what an amazing world it would be!  I know my purpose in this world, and I understanding why I was created: to know, love, and serve the Lord. Writing my first three Christian books was to honor and serve Him. When I prayed at my bedroom desk that December night in 1972, it didn’t surprised me that God answered my prayer with such a sweet story.  What did surprise me was how quickly! As a result, children are discovering the joy of knowing Jesus in their lives.  What could be better than that?

5. Share a Leadership Story

As an author, I realize that I am fully in charge of marketing my books. The first promotion year was exhausting, and I thought, “Does every new author have to go through this?”  The answer is “yes”, unless you are a celebrity or hire an agent.  After the first book-signing Christmas season, I decided to invite as many authors as I could fit in a hotel ballroom, advertise, and hold a huge book signing event.  The author’s table fees and sponsor fees covered all the expenses.  It was called Meet the Authors Book Signing Event, and it has become a growing and popular local event.  Although a labor of love, I believe that it gave the opportunity to many new authors who were not as resourceful in promoting their published work. I have found that every new project that I’ve taken on, no matter how difficult or time consuming, could not have been achieved without prayer. God hears our prayers, and if they honor Him, he blesses us with a favorable answer.

6. Your Top Two

  1. I believe that one must have an unwavering determination to accomplish a specific goal…no matter what the goal is or how difficult it is to achieve. Do whatever homework is necessary to learn all you can about the project.  I love the story of The Tortoise and The Hare. Slow and steady wins the race, just never give up!
  2. Also, for me, prayer is essential. I know that I can do nothing without the help of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, nor would I want to.  My prayer for you is that you sit down in a nice comfortable and quiet place, and have a conversation with God. Be open and honest. Tell Him that you would like to know Him, and ask Him to come into your life. Begin the dialogue. Trust me, life is good only when God is in it! God bless you all, Jayne D’Alessandro-Cox

7. About Jayne D’Alessandro-Cox

Jayne is a top rated author and analytical historian living in historic Charlottesville, Virginia.

Follow her everywhere!

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How To Add a Linkedin Page Administrator

how to setup linkedin admin rolesCreating a Linkedin business page is a key component of a complete local business Internet marketing strategy. Linkedin is the top social media site for business professionals and Linkedin business pages provide a unique opportunity for a business to showcase it’s products and services in a professional manner. Regular updates can be shared with followers on a business Linkedin page and built-in analytic tools allow page owners to measure the impact they are having on this social media.

Here are the simple steps to giving additional people access to the business page. There can only be one page owner, so giving someone admin access is a safe and effective way to involve others in helping to manage the page.

  1. Log into Linkedin
  2. Go to your Linkedin business page
  3. Click the blue “edit” button on the top right side of the page.
    linkedin page admin
  4. Scroll down to the “Company Page Admins” section
  5. Start typing the name of the person you want to add as a page admin (you must be a first level connection to the person to make them a page admin.
  6. Done!

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How to Add an Admin to a Google Plus Business Page

google plus admin setupAdding an admin to a Google Plus Business page is an important step in assigning responsibility for management of this social media platform. Google continues to roll out updates, integrations and changes so finding the right place to assign a page manager can sometimes be frustrating. These steps have been updated as of 7/31/2014 so follow them while they last!

  1. Step one: Log into Google!
  2. Click on your name in the links at the top right side of the window
    google page manager
  3. Mouse over the Home button on the top left to expand the Google drop down menu and click on the “Pages” icon.
    google page manager
  4. Select the page you want to manage
    google page manager
  5. Mouse over the “My Business” button on the top left to expand the Google drop down menu and click on the “Setting” icon.
    google page manager
  6. Click on the “managers” button in the top level navigation bar
    google page manager
  7. Click “Add managers” and invite a manager to the page using their email address or their name in Google.
    google page manager
  8. Select a role for them and you’re done!

Google explains there are three types of admins for Google pages; the page owner, manager and communications manager. Each page can only have one owner, but up to 50 managers or communication managers. Only a page owner can give access to a new manager.

google page manager roles

Read more about page managers on Google:

Read about how to transfer ownership of a page too!

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Free Social Media Icons in PNG format

Brian Loebig:

New icons added to the list!

Originally posted on The Ink Blog:

got social iconsSocial media icons are abundant, but every time I design a new website I wind up needing to find a new set or a different size to add to the design. Over the past few years as a web designer I have accumulated a wealth of icons and a recent blog comment on the article, “How to create a professional email signature in Gmail,” motivated me to create a new post to share the wealth!

These icons were developed in PNG format so the edges are transparent and will blend nicely into any website background color. If you need an icon that you don’t see in this list, drop me a note so I can add it to this social media icon directory!

Select the icons you need and save them to your computer or digital device!

Social Media Icons Rounded-Square Theme

16×16 social media icons

stumbleupon  google-plus 

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How to Add a Manager to a Google Places for Business Listing

how to add a google places for business page managerCreating and/or verifying a Google Places for Business listing is one of the most important things a local business can do to show up on in Google organically. A Google Places for Business listing is what is required in order for a business to show up on Google maps. If your business is incorporated you may already have a listing on Google maps. In this case, claiming and verifying the listing is your first step to optimizing the directory listing.

Once the Google Places listing claimed, page managers can be added to the account. A page manager might be needed to add graphics, including a logo and banner image, or to create a Google Plus Business page that can be associated with the map listing.

Whoever “claimed”  or created the Google Places for Business listing needs to login and add the page manager to the account. These steps will guide you through the process!

  1. Go to:
    1. Sign in using the link at the top right side of the page
  2. The listing(s) will appear on the next page. Click “View Dashboard”
  3. Click the “control wheel” toward the top right of the page and select “Manage Listing Access”
  4. Click the blue “Add Manager” button.
  5. In the popup window add email addresses of page managers. Mine should be: These should be Google connected email accounts.

Clients often want me to take care of this process for them. In this case, they give me their email address and password to log into their Google Plus account.

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The Best Job I Ever Had

best job kfcToday, I have been married to my wife, Nicole, for 21 years. Nicole and I have actually known each other for over 28 years thanks to the place we first met; Kentucky Fried Chicken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I was attending the University of Wisconsin at the time and had a part-time job as an assistant manager at the KFC location on Bobolink Dr. Nicole was still in high school and worked part-time as a cashier. She and her mother lived a short distance from the store.

Nicole was very shy and quiet and was easily the best employee in that store. She was diligent, detail oriented, and not afraid to work long hours. As a second-year surgery resident in 2014 she still works long hours but is not so shy!

Nicole and I worked several other jobs together before getting married including Hardee’s, security services, and an entrepreneurial business, University Painting.

I am sure neither of us could have envisioned the long and winding road we would have together. The entrepreneurial bug that I had in college has come full circle into the development of a full-time web consulting business. Nicole has always had an interest in medicine and is living her dream as a surgeon.

I recently did a Google Street view search of our KFC rendezvous and it seems we have outlasted the original place of our pairing.

I thank God for the best job I ever had since it was there that I met and married the woman of my dreams and the mother of our three children.

Happy anniversary Nicole I love you!

P.s. I still love those original recipe chicken wings! …just in moderation.

 after this day

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Twitter SEO

twitter seoTwitter SEO strategies are as simple as they are effective. However, many small businesses still do not take advantage of this key social media platform which can help drive traffic, leads and ultimately new business.

One of the hallmarks of Twitter is its simple and open design. Twitter is considered by many as one of the few remaining authentic social media platforms. Twitter is by default a publicly oriented discourse. By contrast, Facebook personal accounts are private and business Facebook accounts continue to suffer from algorithmic obscurity unless advertising is implemented.

Make sure you are taking advantage of of these key ways to increase your SEO with Twitter.

1. Pick a Twitter handle that closely represents your business or brand name. For example, one of my coaching clients, Ashley Phillips’ brand name is APSoul. Her twitter account is aptly named: If another person or business has taken the name you wish to use Twitter may grant you the use of the handle if your business name is trademarked. (Thanks to fellow blogger, Blair Pettrey, for that bit o’ wisdom!)

2. Link to your website and include your location. Twitter makes it easy to ensure you include these elements so be sure to use them! Even if you are an international organization, adding a local city and state to your Twitter profile will help optimize your business for local searches and won’t negatively affect international searches.

3. Be descriptive in your profile and use keywords in your industry. Twitter profiles are searchable by keyword so including a few hash-tags and/or keywords that describe your business will help increase your reach.

4. Post regularly about your industry and be sure NOTtwitter-seo-example to begin tweets with someone’s Twitter handle. In the book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary V., he explains that beginning a tweet with an account name will prevent most people from seeing the tweet. When you begin a tweet with an account name, such as @garyvee, Twitter assumes you only want to speak with that one person so it only shows the Tweet to people you BOTH follow. Dirk Hoag’s blog describes the process in great detail!

4. Mention others in your tweets. Mentioning other Twitter users in your posts is the primary way to begin a conversation with someone. At a minimum, it at least lets them know you have them in mind. The ever popular #FF posts, aka: Follow Friday, is a way to tell the world whom you would suggest as a good person to follow. For more details and history of the #FF meme visit Jeff Hester’s informative blog.

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Social Media Explained

As an Internet and Social Media Marketing Strategist I often find myself explaining and defining various social media accounts to Internet newbies and off-the-grid gurus. Here is a quick run down on some of the top social media sites with a tongue-in-cheek description of how they might be perceived.

How would you describe your favorite social site?


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How to Add a User to a Google Analytics Account

google analytics add user[information accurate as of: 4/7/2014]

As a small business, there are several reasons you may want to give someone access to your Google Analytics account.

  • You may hire an SEO specialist to evaluate your website statistics
  • You might want a staff person to manage your analytics account without giving them the passcodes to your Google Apps account.
  • Your web designer will need to copy the analytics installation code from your account to install on your website
  • An advertising company, like Hanapin Marketing, may need access to setup conversion tracking for ad campaigns

Follow these simple steps to add a user or administrator to your Google Analytics account while still maintaining the confidentiality of your Google Apps login passwords.

  1. Log into Google Analytics:
  2. Click the “Admin” navigation button in the top middle navigation area of the page
    google-analytics setup
  3. In the middle “Property” section that appears, there is a row of options. Click on the “User Management” button.
    google-analytics setup
  4. Then, click on the “+New user” button
  5. On the next page add the new person’s email address in the section titled, “Add permissions for:” and select the level of access they need to assist with Analytics management.  Usually “Edit” level is sufficient.
  6. Click the “Add” button. (An “Edit” access level is required to obtain access to the tracking code section and other functions needed to fully manage the account. “User” level access provides access to all the primary analytics data, but does not allow a user to manage the account)
    google-analytics setup
  7. It is a good idea to check the “notify user by email” item so they know they have been given access.
  8. Done!

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