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Increase Visibility Using The Top Small Business Directories

Small business owners are always on the lookout for the lowest cost, highest value promotional opportunities on the Internet. Creating or claiming local business directory listings is a great way to expand ones digital footprint. Many Internet service providers have … Continue reading

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Staying on Top of Tech News and Trends

As a small business coach and leader of a technology consulting group, it is critical that I stay abreast of the latest news, tools, and trends in web technology and Internet marketing. Over the last few years I have developed … Continue reading

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Top Directories and Social Media Sites for Small Business

Many small business owners ask me for a quick list of the top social media sites they should consider for promoting their business. Since managing social media sites for them is more of a time commitment than a financial investment, … Continue reading

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Kickstarting your Facebook Ads | A Holiday Success Story with Flutronix

It is not often that we get the chance to support a cause and see amazingly successful results in the span of a few short weeks. But, that is exactly what happened when I encountered the talented and lively Flutronix … Continue reading

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Self-Published Book Promotion 101

(updated 2/21/2016) I have had the opportunity to work with several self-published authors. One of their biggest challenges is to successfully promote and sell their book or books. Since they don’t have the budget and backing of a large publisher … Continue reading

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WordPress Blog Management

Managing blog comments and analyzing key statistics are important aspects of developing a continuously improving, professional blog. This overview will provide guidance to budding bloggers on the most effective ways to seamlessly manage their content and nurture their internet presence. … Continue reading

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Use the “BCC” field for Mass Email

Please use the “BCC” field when sending mass email! I often receive forwarded emails from my Mother or friends who like to share the latest funny or inspirational message they have seen making its way around the web. And I … Continue reading

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Sample Strategic Internet Action Plan

Small business owners often search for quick examples of real life action plans, marketing strategies and case studies. This action plan, which was called an ‘internet strategy’ by the businesses from which it was gleaned, highlights some of the key … Continue reading

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How to Create a Facebook Reveal Page (Using the My Tab App)

One of the most highly touted strategies for growing fans by Facebook Marketing experts is the use of a Facebook ‘reveal tab’ with a mandatory “like” option. A reveal tab with mandatory “likes” is a Facebook page that invites visitors … Continue reading

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How to Encourage Positive Internet Reviews

Business review sites continue to proliferate the web.  Local directories and search sites have joined the customer review bandwagon of dedicated review sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp and DealerRater.  As a result it is becoming increasingly important for businesses … Continue reading

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