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How to Add an Ads Manager to Your Facebook Page

This article was published on 8/14/2014. It was updated on 7/10/2016 and 6/25/2019.  If you are a Business Manager Admin of one or more Facebook pages, you may want to add others to take on administrative roles. Delegating a task … Continue reading

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How to Create a Free Facebook Offer

This article was updated on November 25, 2018 As Facebook continues to evolve new advertising options for business owners, several free options have been eliminated including the easy to use, but discontinued, “check-in deal.” One lesser known option still remains … Continue reading

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How to let someone Facebook follow you without “friending”

I have received several inquiries from small business professionals asking how to let someone follow their personal Facebook page without adding them as a friend. It may sound like an unusual request, but there are some occasions when business professionals … Continue reading

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Kickstarting your Facebook Ads | A Holiday Success Story with Flutronix

It is not often that we get the chance to support a cause and see amazingly successful results in the span of a few short weeks. But, that is exactly what happened when I encountered the talented and lively Flutronix … Continue reading

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Can a Business Facebook Page Help a Professional Services Business?

This intriguing question was recently asked by one of my professional services colleagues, Barry Feldman. Barry authors a popular marketing blog called “The Point” and also guest writes for Social Media Today. The question is intriguing to me since it … Continue reading

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How to Post an Image to a Facebook Wall

This “Facebook basics” article describes how to post or upload an image from your computer to a friend, company or business Facebook wall. This action is important when you want the friend or business to see your photo directly on … Continue reading

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How to Create a Facebook Reveal Page (Using the My Tab App)

One of the most highly touted strategies for growing fans by Facebook Marketing experts is the use of a Facebook ‘reveal tab’ with a mandatory “like” option. A reveal tab with mandatory “likes” is a Facebook page that invites visitors … Continue reading

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Best Practice Tips for Facebook Ads

Creating effective Facebook Ads is more of an art than a science. A small business should experiment with several different types of ads and target audiences in combination with the attractive images and clear calls to action. Think concise, clear … Continue reading

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