How to Add an Ads Manager to Your Facebook Page

This article was published on 8/14/2014. It was updated on 7/10/2016 and 6/25/2019. 

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If you are a Business Manager Admin of one or more Facebook pages, you may want to add others to take on administrative roles. Delegating a task to someone you trust can be an important step in both time management and business development. Here is how to add an Ads Manager to a Facebook page:

  1. Log into your Ads Manager Account: The Ad Account Setup page will appear.
  2. If you manage multiple business pages, use the drop-down menu on the left side of the page at the top to choose the correct business page.
  3. On the right side of the page below the Attribution information, you will see the Ad Account Roles box. Click “Add People.”

Facebook Ad Account Roles - Add People

The Add People To This Ad Account window will open.

Add People to This Account Window - Facebook Ads for a Business page

  1. Enter the name of the Facebook friend to whom you want to assign a role. From the drop-down menu, choose the role you are assigning.

Add People to This Account Window with Facebook friend's name selected- Facebook Ads for a Business page

An Ad Account Advertiser can see and edit ads as well as set up new ads using the payment method that is associated with the account. An Ad Account Admin can not only do those tasks but can also edit the method of payment for ads and manage admin permissions. An Ad Account Analyst can only view ad performance and could not help to manage the account.

  1. Once the correct person and ad management role have been selected, click “Confirm.”
  2. Done!

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4 Responses to How to Add an Ads Manager to Your Facebook Page

  1. Ravi Patel says:

    Hello Brain,

    It was nice post and above images helped me lot in setting up ads manager to my page.


  2. David Dobbs says:

    How to add the advertising manager to your Facebook page is written in detail, which is very useful for me as a novice. Thank you!

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