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Best Practices for Business Facebook Page Management

Best practices for Facebook management are becoming well known and well documented industry standards. Here is my list of best practices for small business Facebook pages: Invite your personal Facebook friends and contacts to ‘like’ your page and ask your … Continue reading

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Auto-Scheduling Social Media Posts Made Easy

A best practice for engaging small business customers in social media is to regularly post updates on social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole proprietors often have a hard enough time just providing … Continue reading

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How to Post an Image to a Facebook Wall

This “Facebook basics” article describes how to post or upload an image from your computer to a friend, company or business Facebook wall. This action is important when you want the friend or business to see your photo directly on … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas for Blog Content Development

Some blog writers have a natural gift for pulling ideas out of their experience and writing fresh, compelling articles that speak volumes to their target audience. The rest of us struggle to finish our introductory sentences! These article content ideas … Continue reading

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WordPress Blog Management

Managing blog comments and analyzing key statistics are important aspects of developing a continuously improving, professional blog. This overview will provide guidance to budding bloggers on the most effective ways to seamlessly manage their content and nurture their internet presence. … Continue reading

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Small Business Blogging and Podcasting Best Practices

Small Business Blogging *A blog (a shortened version of the term “web log”) is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears … Continue reading

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Linkedin Profile Best Practice Basics

Linkedin operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 150 billion members in over 200 countries (as of Feb. 2012).  As a result, Linkedin is the best known and most widely used business networking site in … Continue reading

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Sample Strategic Internet Action Plan

Small business owners often search for quick examples of real life action plans, marketing strategies and case studies. This action plan, which was called an ‘internet strategy’ by the businesses from which it was gleaned, highlights some of the key … Continue reading

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How to Create a Facebook Reveal Page (Using the My Tab App)

One of the most highly touted strategies for growing fans by Facebook Marketing experts is the use of a Facebook ‘reveal tab’ with a mandatory “like” option. A reveal tab with mandatory “likes” is a Facebook page that invites visitors … Continue reading

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Great Tech Tools: Wildfire Social Media Monitor

Wildfire Social Media Monitor What it is: Wildfire’s Social Media Monitor is a free web-based tool for tracking the growth of business Facebook and Twitter pages. The tool lets you compare the growth of friends and followers against your … Continue reading

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