Entrepreneur in Action | Tim Horn, Virginia Hypnosis Consultant

Tim Horn HypnotherapistTim Horn was introduced to me by the owner of the Lotus Wellness Center, Uma Beepat, a short time ago. Word of mouth referrals are the best! Tim is the owner and sole proprietor of Hypnoconsult.com, a hypnosis consulting service in Northern Virginia. I was immediately struck by Tim’s unique sense of humor. In fact, I never laughed so much during a client coaching session as I did the last time we met! Tim’s easy ability to connect on a very fundamental level with people is probably one of the key’s to his entrepreneurial success. Just watching one of is hypnosis demonstration YouTube videos puts me in a relaxed state of mind. I enjoyed this interview immensely especially since I have the experience of getting to know the very caring man behind the message.

1. Career influences

My greatest career influences are Leo Buscaglia and Jerry Kein.  Leo Buscaglia spoke of living your life with passion and letting that love consume you.  I do what I love and that is a reward in itself.  Jerry Kein started out as a hypnotist and teacher and has built a wonderful career, made friends and changed his part of the world.

2. Biggest career success

My biggest career success was receiving a letter from a client who had been referred to me by a psychologist telling me they had thought of ending their life before I worked with them.  That person has gone on and lived a great life in the few years since.   There are others, but that one person and her comments reiterated for me why I am a hypnotist.

3. Recent lessons learned

If you are only interested in money to have money, you will never find joy. If you are only interested in yourself, you will never find fulfillment.  If you are interested in helping others and making your part of the world a better place, happiness is a natural result.

4. What inspires and motivates

People and ideas inspire me.   When I see adults and people with physical, emotional and mental challenges living their lives with joy, I remember what Lincoln said, “A person is about as happy and they make up their mind to be.”  My wife and I support Special Olympics because of a friend named Janet.  She has overcome so much and will always inspire me.

5. Share a leadership story

The folk artist Harry Chapin created a foundation to fight world hunger while he was alive.  For every two concerts he played, all the profits from one would go to his cause.  He was interviewed once about how he lived his life and he spoke about his grandfather.  His grandfather had been an artist who supported many controversial causes.  There were times he knew he would lose a battle, but he wanted to know he had done what was right so he could sleep the sleep of the just.  I aspire to that everyday even when I know I might lose.

6. Your Top Two

Life is a choice between Fear and Love.  If you have a passion for what you do and serve others, you will succeed.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”  Take control of your own life and live it.

7. About Tim Horn

My hypnosis business is small enough that I can design my programs for individual clients.  This personal hands-on approach has served me well.  Ultimately, I do not succeed until my clients do. It is up to them to take control of their lives and I am more than glad to help them do just that.

I have weekend and evening hours so my clients do not need to take off from work.
At my heart I am a teacher and the best teachers strive to make their students better than themselves.  I teach two hypnosis certification classes a year and am a faculty member for the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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