Entrepreneur in Action | Uma Beepat of the Lotus Wellness Center

Uma Beepat, Reiki MasterAlexandra (Uma) Beepat is the owner of the Lotus Wellness Center in Northern Virginia and could easily be dubbed as the poster child for this Entrepreneur in Action – Driven to Succeed interview series! I began working with Uma on an Internet marketing strategy for her business just over a month ago and she has already begun plans that have taken other companies a year to implement! Uma’s drive to succeed is mirrored by her enthusiasm for the wellbeing of her clients. She has an aura of authenticity and a warm personality that makes her a joy to be around. I know these personal characteristics will continue to propel her business and promote the life-affirming qualities of her services.

1) Career Influences:

I like Warren Buffet…his humility, his simplicity and non flashiness. His ability to make a living doing what he loves, helping people and still being peaceful and content within his own life. His life is an exemplary testament of a successful life.

2) Biggest Career Success:

I went to an opening of a metaphysical store and everyone was asked to introduce themselves and what they do. When my turn came, I mentioned my business Lotus Wellness Center and there was a mini uproar at the gathering. People knew of my business and not only that, they were curious about me and wanted to meet me months ago. It was a great feeling knowing that my business was not only known in the community but that it was well known for quality work and service. That day I felt proud to be the owner of such a small, humble but popular studio.

3) Recent lessons learned:

Due to the recession, 2012 was a hard year for my business financially. I was feeling a little down and reading a yoga magazine when I came upon an article written about this yoga teacher in another state whose business was thriving despite the recession. When they asked her what advertising or marketing she did, she simply stated that she did none. All she did was open her doors and showed up everyday. A light-bulb went off for me, consistency is truth and the key. After reading that article, I continued with my services and classes and kept having them consistently. I would teach to a room of 8 people or 1 person, it didn’t matter. I relearned joy in my practice and the clients multiplied. Consistency is Truth and the key was my lesson learned!

4) What inspires and motivates?

Growing up, our home was the hot spot for gatherings, get togethers and parties. My mom is the hostess with the mostest and she has alot of compassion and care for everyone. She is always counseling, advising or lending an ear to listen to people when they were going through tough times. I learned alot from her and she is my inspiration in my day to day work. Many times after a class I am super tired and would like to go to bed, but I stay that extra half hour or hour listening to a student go through their process with me. My mom taught me compassion and selfless service and it keeps me going everyday.

My clients also motivate me everyday. I love to hear their stories and learn how they overcome their personal struggles. It reminds me that all of life is a lesson and learning experience and we are neither better nor worse than each other. We may be a little bit ahead or behind on the path, but we are all on the same path. I truly care about them on a deep level so I am invested in their lives and get to know about the joys (marriages, job successes) and pains (death, divorce) they go through.

5) Share a leadership story:

You have to follow that inner voice within you despite what others think or say about it. If it is truly coming from you, then it is meant to be followed. I started a whole new career when we started to enter into the recession and people were desperately holding on to their jobs. I let mine go easily and followed my heart because I wasn’t doing it for the money or recognition, but for a new way of life. When you have the courage to stand in your own truth, despite what others say or think, you send a sign to the Universe that you mean business. At that point, the Universe has no choice but to conspire to help you on your way. Stand firm in what you believe in. Make your work your personal vision for yourself and everything will be fine.

6) Your Top Two

A great piece of advice given to me from a fellow holistic healer was to give away time not money in times of stress and low clients. Meaning, if I had to offer a monthly special or discount, provide more time not less money. Instead of $20 off a one-hour massage, try instead half hour extra with a one hour massage. This was a good idea because it made the clients and myself happy!

Know as much about your job/trade as you possibly can. Subscribe to journals, attend meetings, watch relevant educational TV programming, and, not just your craft but the industry in general. For example, I am in the massage business, but I also follow up on information concerning healthy eating and lifestyles. They are all interconnected and if I can become knowledgeable in all aspects, I provide better service for my clients.

7) About Uma Beepat

Uma Beepat is a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor (200 hours), Reflexologist and Reiki Master Teacher. Her home studio Lotus Wellness Center, LLC is located in Manassas, VA where she provides intuitive massage, Reiki reflexology as well as classes in yoga, meditation, Reiki and a wide variety of metaphysical topics. Uma is a third generation healer who believes in connecting people to their personal path and sending them on their journey with blessings.

It is her goal to provide healing to her community in an easy, effective and affordable way.

You can follow her on:

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10 Responses to Entrepreneur in Action | Uma Beepat of the Lotus Wellness Center

  1. Iris Arson says:

    Congrats ALex on this recognition on the hard work and dedication to your passion which has now paid off. Wish you continued success.

    Lots of love
    Auntie Iris.

  2. Fameeda Singh says:

    Congrats Alex …your hardwork has paid off and you get to do what you enjoy …I am proud of you …wishing you continued success in your endeavours Love Aunty Fammy

  3. Sciona says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations!! May your dreams come true!!!

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  5. malonecd says:

    Congrata Alex..keep up the great work…it takes courage to be the entrepreneur you are.i love the article. QC nation is proud!

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