Entrepreneur in Action | Tracy Hess, Zone2BTone CEO and Fitness Expert

Tracy Hess, ZoneTBTone.comTracy Hess was introduced to me through a Philadelphia marketing colleague, Robert Dorfman. She needed her collection of YouTube videos exported for her new website project, Zone2BTone.com. Getting to know Tracy over the last couple of years through her video interviews of local fitness facilities and an occasional marketing call has motivated my own fitness interests and routine. I know that she has inspired many people through her work that she hasn’t even met. Tracy’s determination, work ethic and energetic personality is infectious and will continue to drive her entrepreneurial success. I look forward to her next video interview and will gladly promote her efforts in my own network of connections. Tracy is truly an ‘Entrepreneur in Action!’

1. Career influences

The person that has continually influenced me is top R&B Rock artist, Tina Turner. Throughout all the physical and mental abuse, Tina found away to recreate her career as an artist and made her comeback to the stage stronger then ever. She truly marketed herself as a role model to all women who has given up after domestic abuse. She is truly my influence.

2. Biggest career success

My biggest successes would be:

  • Earning a spot with the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
  • Producing my very 1st series of workout videos Bodysizzleworkout vol. 1 & 2
  • Winning my pro card in Nabba Organization in Womens Bodybuilding
  • Coaching my daughters H.S. Cheerleading team to winning there 1st ever victory; The District 1 Championships
  • Creating my latest successful fitness website Zone2btone.com.

3. Recent lessons learned

As sad as it may be you can’t trust anyone. You have to be limited on the information you share with others. Your dream or idea can be someone else’s.

4. What inspires and motivates

Helping people reach their individual goals this is so inspiring to me as a Fitness expert & Trainer to see my clients change there way of life forever being healthier & happier. 🙂

5. Share a leadership story

Back in 2010 I created a 12-week class for young overweight teenage girls and boys that have been bullied in schools leaving them with low self esteem. In this class, I taught these youngsters how to take negative words and turn them into positive energy. I educated them about how to take charge of there lives by being more active through exercise programs, sports and making healthier choices with there foods. After the 12-week course, 80% of my students had decreased body weight, became top honored athletes in the H.S. programs and have a high level of self-esteem. I was awarded a leadership award from my fitness facility. How cool is that!

6. Your Top Two

My advice to entrepreneurs is to never procrastinate in their business. If you have a dream, make everyday count in achieving it. Remember, someone else may have the same dream and will achieve it before you; “Time is of the essence.”

7. About Tracy

Tracy Hess is the CEO of Zone2BTone; your gateway to a healthy lifestyle. The website features elite health, fitness, and beauty professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Zone2BTone offers consumers a chance to get an exclusive inside look at these featured small businesses. We also give business owners the opportunity to communicate their passion and philosophies to the consumer more efficiently than a print advertisement. Additionally, Zoned2BToned offers free nutrition tips, recipes, fitness workouts and bodybuilding, fitness show coverage much more! Stay Healthy and Fit with Zoned2bToned

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