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Philip DayThe first thing that you may notice about Philip is his radio quality voice! His warm demeanor and continuous smile will then create an indelible and lasting impression. I have had the pleasure of working with Philip over the years in several capacities including an OJJDP funded youth mentoring program, the American Red Cross and now in his newly created entrepreneurial pursuit, Philip Day Communications. Philip is a true professional and continuously puts the goals of his clients in the forefront of his work. If his business had a one word motto it would be “Integrity.” I was pleased to interview him for this entrepreneur in action series!

1. Career Influences

My dad, Philip Day, was an insurance agent in Roanoke, Virginia. He ran an ethical business that was a welcoming place for clients, staff and visitors. He built his business from the ground up and was a well known and respected businessman. Dad worked hard to make it a success but was never arrogant about it and he always gave credit to God and his staff for all of his accomplishments. Also, my wife, Melody, who started her own voice and piano instruction business, Daysong Studio, in our home. Her dedication to her students and quality of work never cease to amaze me.

Biggest Career Success:

I would say that just taking Philip Day Communications from “theory” to “reality” was a huge success in itself! When I clicked on the website for the first time and saw my brand that we had worked on so diligently for several weeks, I said to myself, “Wow, I have my own business now.” Then, several weeks later I got my first paying job: a blog. Wow, I was on top of the world. I still am as matter-of-fact.

Recent Lessons Learned:

Ask questions. Never try to fulfill the client’s expectations by guessing what they want. They will appreciate your questions. Plus, they are thankful that I have used the information to correctly complete the project. I’m learning better now what to ask and then utilize that information to do quality work. I just get my steno book and pen out and take notes-lots of notes! It has made all the difference.

What Inspires or motivates:

Rod Serling (“Twilight Zone”) was an incredible writer. He inspired me to write when I was a teenager and I keep a pic of him at my desk for inspiration. I also listen to Frank Sinatra while I work. When I slide in a CD (of which I have many in my home office) I can focus. There is something about Ol’ Blue Eyes’ music that gets me into the zone.  Prayer, bicycling and a hot cup of Dark Roast coffee also help!

Leadership Story

Robert Dorfman (Peregrine Associates), my graphic designer and website creator. Robert is an extremely creative person. He is quite patient and asks lots of questions. Thanks to him, I have a brand of which I am very proud. The day my business cards arrived and I breathlessly opened the box to see the beautiful and professional brand he had created was a day I will never forget. Robert sets the standard high when it comes to customer service. He gave my business an identity of which I am quite grateful.

Top Two

Listen to your mentor: I am quite fortunate to have a mentor who is also my friend. He has given me advice on everything from accounting websites to business proposals to phone etiquette. He also sent me my first paying client. I’d hate to think where I’d be now if I had not listened to his generous advice or followed his successful lead. Bottom line: If you have someone who’s willing to mentor you in starting and maintaining your business, listen to them. One day you may even pass their advice on to someone else who may look up to you as a mentor.

Walk away: There are days when we just can’t seem to get it right. We work and work and work and never seem to accomplish what we need to do for the project. When that happens, shut down the computer, hang up the “closed” sign and take a breather. Go run, bike, read, nap, play or shop. Just take an hour or two away to let yourself chill out. Then, return with a fresh mind and get back to work. It never fails for me.

About Philip

Philip Day is the owner and CEO of Philip Day Communications. He provides copywriting, voiceovers, blog writing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, newsletter writing and editing and social media strategies to businesses and organizations.

Website: www.PhilipDayCommunications.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhilipDayCommunications
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/philip-day/19/b9a/a31/

Some of his blog writing can be found at these sites:

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