Basic SEO Ideas

SEO BasicsVolumes have been written on search engine optimization. Free ebooks and blogs about increasing results abound. In the spirit of the season here are a few basic best practice tips to adorn your technological tree in anticipation of more virtual visitors.

  1. Make sure you have metatags on all of your web pages especially keywords, content type and description tags.  Although Google doesn’t use most of them anymore many other search engines do so its best to cover all your bases.
    • Take some time and improve the keyword metatags you are using for your web pages. Google has a great tool for testing and evaluating keywords: As a general rule single words are usually not helpful. Also, remove or expand keywords that are too broad or general. For example, if you are an author, these keywords need updating:
  • short stories
  • Kindle
  • Nook
  • writer
  • author
  1. A blog site is an excellent way to increase SEO results. Just make sure you post regular content. Search engines like fresh content!
    • If you already have a blog on your website, another idea is to consider moving your blog page off of your main website and into a blog service like WordPress or Blogger and then associate it with a unique URL.  ( is a good example of this strategy) This will allow you to reach and refer a new and wider audience back to your website and any other content you may have.
  2. The single most important way to increase search engine ranking is to increase the number of other websites linking to your website.  Therefore, having Facebook, Twitter, external blogs and other pages that link to your main website is critical.  Another way to increase inbound links is to get listed in local directories such as Yahoo Local, SuperPages, Manta, etc. Check out a recent blog post on this idea:
  3. is another great tool for increasing SEO.  After setting up an account and connecting with colleagues and friends, scan the suggested list of ‘people you may know’ to continue expanding your reach. Linkedin also has some great tools that will allow you to auto post blog articles.  You can also post updates and announcements relevant to your business.
  4. Developing a Google Adwords campaign, if you don’t already have one, is a sure fire way to gain exposure in search listings. You will be able to see what the pay-per-click (PPC) cost will be to rank highly on various keywords related to your business. It will also help you round out your business marketing strategy.  Here is a brief article on Internet Advertising.

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Owner of, author of, and part-time Technology Manager for the Alliance for Performance Excellence, Brian has over 15 years of experience working in the quality improvement, human services and technology fields as an administrator and consultant. Brian has also worked as a practitioner and administrator in the corrections, substance abuse and human services fields with a special emphasis on technology. He continues to work with numerous community-based non-profits as a web technology consultant, board member and volunteer. Feel free to .
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  3. seo berlin says:

    Thanks for the pretty useful info. My business is doing Search engine optimization for the German markets, lots of advice from the English market, I will use it. Greetings from Germany.

    • BrianL says:

      Thanks Berliner. My family immigrated to the US from Germany in the mid-1800s and settled in Westphalia, Iowa, named after the same region of the homeland.

  4. Sanni Julin says:

    Thanks for all those idea.I was looking for a good ideas and i also take note all of your basic ideas and thank you for sharing this it really help me as a newbie in seo world.

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  6. seo services says:

    i just want to say that about Basic SEO Ideas articles it,s so cool and after reading that post i realize seo deeply thanks for share this

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  8. Merci Much obliged for stirring me to go do my own my own legwork.
    Yours was way more comprehensive than mine.

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