BNI Policies 2018-2019

Networking takes time, effort and money. For some business owners, it can be a sacrifice even though they know it’s beneficial.

So, BNI (Business Networking International) has policies that respect the time and sacrifice of its members. These policies reflect the mission of this respected Global Networking group, and sets it apart from its competitors. 

BNI meeting BNI Capital Business Alliance

The BNI Policies for 2018-2019 are the following:

  • Policy #1: Only One Person from Each Professional Classification.
  • Policy #2: Members represent their primary occupation.
  • Policy #3: Meetings last for 90 minutes. Be Early and Stay Late (~15min)
  • Policy #4: A member can belong to only one BNI Chapter and no other “Closed Networks”
  • Policy #5: Attendance is critical to the group. If a Member cannot attend, you may send a substitute (not a Member of the Chapter) to the meeting. This will not count as an absence.
  • Policy #6: Members are required to bring bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to their Chapter of BNI. Chapters may establish a minimum number of referrals and/or visitors that is acceptable.
  • Policy #7: Visitors and subs may attend Chapter meetings up to two times.
  • Policy #8: Speakers must bring a door prize. Only Members bringing a visitor or referral are eligible for the door prize.
  • Policy #9: There are no leaves of absence except for medical leaves. A Member may take up to eight weeks medical leave with the Membership Committee’s prior approval.
  • Policy #10: It is the Member’s responsibility to file a concern with the Membership Committee of their Chapter if a visitor “who submits an application in any way conflicts with their c
  • Policy #11: Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new Membership Application and get approval from the Membership Committee for that classification change.
  • Policy #12: In case of problems with a Member, Membership Committees may, at their sole discretion, put a Member on probation relating to the Member’s business practices or co
  • Policy #13: A Member’s classification may be opened for failure to comply with the BNI Policies and/or BNI Networking Code of Ethics. Membership Committees of the Chapter may
  • Policy #14: If the Leadership Team fulfills all responsibilities throughout their term, they will receive as consideration an exemption of participation fees during their tenure as a Leader.
  • Policy #15: In the absence of a Membership Committee, the Leadership Team may act as an ad hoc Membership Committee until one is established.
  • Policy #16: All BNI membership lists are for the purpose of giving referrals and not for soliciting (via email, direct mail or other means) BNI Members or Directors without their prior approval.
  • Policy #17: All new members must attend the Member Success Program (MSP) training in their region within the first 60 days after their induction. Only after attending the MSP training.
  • Policy #18: Policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes need to be reviewed first by the Board of Advisors.
  • Policy #19: Other than normal BNI printed materials, members may not use the BNI Intellectual Property (e.g. logos, trademarks, names, slogans, copyrighted materials, etc.) to manufacture their own promotional materials.
  • Policy #20: There is an initial application fee. Fees are paid annually or biennially. Contact the local Secretary/Treasurer for amounts. Fees may be paid with VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER.

If you are not a member of a local BNI Chapter, we encourage you to find one in your area. Contact Brian Loebig of Loebig Ink, LLC and president of BNI Capital Business Alliance in Bethesda, MD for more information at (301) 244-8324 or           

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