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eric toussaintEric Toussaint was the first person who greeted me when I arrived at a new Business Networking International (BNI) group at the end of 2013. I heard about the worldwide BNI organization in a webinar and wanted to see it for myself. I scheduled a visit with one of the membership chair people and showed up not knowing at all what to expect. Eric greeted me with a firm handshake and a vibrant sense of energy that I would later understand is the natural charisma that has propelled his personal training business. Eric’s approach to his clientèle is the same approach he has to business. He is energetic, humorous, generous, razor-focused and results oriented. It has been a joy getting to know him at our weekly BNI meetings and I look forward to seeing his Jett Training business soar to new heights.

1. Career influences

As far as overall work ethic I would have to point Tammy Darvish from Darcars as my best influence, I just have never seen such a tireless work ethic, not to mention very well run business.

As to my peers that I look up in my industry I would have to mention Alan Stein from Stronger Team, Robert Taylor from Smarter Team Training. There contributions to the health and fitness industry are ineurable and there work ethics are second to none especially in the area of social media.

2. Biggest Career Success

One of biggest career success (ongoing) was winning “Best of Bethesda” award for personal training while simultaneously marketing that accomplishment through a strong social media push, coupled with a grass roots campaign to distribute as much JETT company literature to other local health care professionals.

3. Recent Lessons Learned

Always look to improve your business, never stand still. I am going through a whole round of improvements in my ability to increase the exposure of my personal training business as well my nutrition business.

4. What Inspires and Motivates

I think what inspires and motivate me is mainly the success of others, being able to feed off of the positive energy and happiness that they feel when their businesses’ are doing well. And of course my twin boys Lucas and Oliver. 🙂

5. Share a Leadership Story

My approach to leadership, is very simple. Lead by example and help as many people as I can. My best trainers are the ones that I have helped to grow, both professionally and personally. I truly believe if you apply a “givers” philosophy with those around you, you will always find success.

Another principle I like to apply to my business and my life is consistency and persistence. I just landed a client, after a two-year “courtship”. We spoke of training very little, but always made sure to stay in touch and I did my best to befriend her. I knew deep down she always had the intention to start training with me, so I did my best to stay in contact with her and offer advice and help wherever possible. My care and attention created a situation that when she was ready to start personal training, it was a foregone conclusion that it would be with me due to the personal relationship we had developed over the two year “courtship.” Our relationship was such that not only did she start training with me but she brought a friend to train with her and now I have two new clients. When the BNI “givers gain” philosophy is combined with consistency and persistence there are not limits.

6. Your Top Two

  • Study the industry and understand every aspect of it.
  • Make as many contacts you can with your industry peers and learn from them.

7. About Eric Toussaint

Eric Toussaint is the owner and founder of Jett Training in Bethesda, MD.

JETT Training custom tailors workouts for individuals based on their specific needs and goals. Jett provides the most comprehensive and intense training available to all populations, ranging from pre-teens to the geriatric, in a fun and professional manner. JETT Training specializes in athletes, rehabilitation, martial arts, sprint work, and cycling.

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  1. Alicia Vaz says:

    Always very inspiring reading these post. I get to read about so many interest people doing great things. Thank you Brain, Entrepreneurs in Action. Great to make your acquaintance Eric.

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