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Sarah SantacroceI don’t recall the first time I learned about Sarah Santacroce, but it is likely that I discovered her from one of her incredibly useful “Savvy Biz Blog” articles. I have also attended several of her webinars, the most recent one titled “Why You’re Not Getting the Most Out of Linkedin.” Sarah is a Swiss National with a lovely accent; a California free spirit and engenders a generous and genuine ‘other-focused’ approach to business. I am delighted that she has agreed to participate in this latest Entrepreneur in Action article series and I look forward to her next webinar and e-book!

1. Career influences

Entrepreneurship runs in my dad’s side of the family. My grandma was a very strong woman, who besides raising 3 kids on her own, ran a very popular restaurant. Later she also invested in real estate and made a good living out of it. My father took after her and also has been running his own consulting firm for over 20 years. Being my dad’s first born daughter I think I might have inherited the ‘entrepreneurial gene’ 😉

2. Biggest career success

Instead of bragging about my biggest success, I’d like to share that sometimes it’s the small successes that make all the difference. Yesterday a webinar attendee told me she got a prospect immediately after implementing the LinkedIn tips I recommended. That’s a small success! Or when my VIP group participants figured out how to use Google Hangouts! Another small achievement. As entrepreneurs we tend to always strive for the big things, but sometimes it’s just as important to look back and see what we have already achieved!

3. Recent lessons learned

I had to learn (the hard way) that as a business owner you need to be able to say ‘no’. Especially in the early years, you think you need to accept any kind of business that comes your way. Since I work with solopreneurs quite often, many of them were trying to offer me ‘service-exchanges’: “you help me with Social Media and I give you a foot massage.”  “Thanks, but no thanks.” I learned that sometimes you need to just say ‘no’, even if that means you won’t get the business.

4. What inspires and motivates

What motivates me is the fact that by doing what I love, I help other people doing what they love.

5. Share a leadership story

About two years ago I started a LinkedIn group I called ‘Simple Small Business Solutions’. It grew to about 200 members very fast, but then slowed down. A year later, it was still at that same level, and there were barely any discussions and interactions. Who’s fault was it? Mine of course. I didn’t lead by example and neglected the group. So I decided to close the group again and sent everyone an e-mail, explaining my reasoning & apologizing for my poor management. Having learned from my mistakes, I opened another group 3 weeks ago, which I fully commit to manage properly this time 😉 Sometimes as a leader, you need to admit to your mistakes – and learn from them.

6. Your Top Two

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Negativity is contagious. Surround yourself with positive, smart people. They will help you find your true potential.
  • Be yourself In order to stand out from the noise, you need to be unique. You can only be unique, if you are yourself. Use your story, your uniqueness and make it into your brand.

7. About Sarah

Sarah is a certified Social Media, Internet Marketing & Virtual Event specialist. She helps small business owners and individual entrepreneurs to find their place in today’s online world, find their way through the Social Media Jungle and become more visible online. Sarah is a Swiss national, but thinks with a global mind.

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  2. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Brian. It was fun to write 😉

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