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Kay KendallKay Kendall is the co-owner of a high performance consulting group called Baldrige Coach. Her partner in the business, Glenn Bodinson, became her life partner after they became acquainted through professional networking and consulting events. Their story is so well known in Baldrige Performance Excellence Program circles that the National Baldrige Program featured their story on their national blog in honor of their marriage! The article was titled “When Baldrige Geeks Weds.” Kay is a meticulous and thoughtful entrepreneur that I have had the opportunity to work with on a website and Internet advertising plan for their business. Meet a coaching entrepreneur in action, Kay Kendall!

1. Career influences

Nellie Bly, the pen name of a pioneering woman journalist Elizabeth Jane Cochrane.  Two of her notable accomplishments were her first-hand account exposing the horrible conditions of the insane asylum on New York’s Blackwell’s Island and her trip around the world breaking Jules Verne’s fictional account.  I have long been inspired by her personal credo:

“Determine Right. Decide Fast. Apply Energy. Act with Conviction. Fight to the Finish. Accept the Consequences. Move on.”

2. Biggest career success

Working with and coaching organizations on their paths to performance excellence — multiple Baldrige, State, and AHCA award recipients.  It’s such a kick working with these motivated organizations.

3. Recent lessons learned

Take advantage of every learning opportunity.  Even if you’re sitting in a boring presentation, challenge yourself to find some nugget (insight, idea) that you can apply.

4. What inspires and motivates

Read about other entrepreneurs in areas outside of your own expertise or passion.  It’s too tempting to dismiss ideas from others who work in your “space.”  The same is true for me for reading about people working in different countries and cultures.  When you put yourself into unknown territory, the ideas seem fresher and more interesting.

5. Share a leadership story 

People respond to genuine passion and personal “investment” in a cause, in an organization, in what matters to them.  Sometimes I feel like apologizing for my overwhelming enthusiasm for all things related to Baldrige, but I’ve found that people respond to the energy that is conveyed.

6. Your Top Two

When others ask for your help, try to find a way to say, “yes.”  Not only is the right thing to do, it often pays unexpected dividends through unknown connections, untapped resources, and unforeseen opportunities.

— on the flip side — if you need something from someone who isn’t saying,”yes,” think about what you can ask them that they could agree to.

7. About Kay

Kay Kendall, Co-Owner Baldrige Coach
“Coaching leaders to foster excellence through Baldrige.”

Kay recently attended a conference where a speaker introduced her to the concept of the 7-word bio!

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/kay-kendall/0/66/356

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