How to Create a “Donation” Button in PayPal

How to create a donation button in paypalAs a volunteer webmaster for several non-profits, including the Red Cross of Central Virginia and Holy Rosary Catholic Church, I am often asked to create donation buttons for an event or fundraiser. This step by steps guide will take you through the basic steps of creating a button that you can insert into your website or email message.

[NOTE: Some countries restrict access to the donation features of PayPay including most of Latin American. If the option to create a donation button does not appear in your account, your country likely has rules against it.]

  1. Log into your personal or business PayPal account
  2. Click on the “Merchant Services” tab at the top of the page
  3. In the “Features you can use right now” area, click on the “Create payment buttons for your website” box.
    PayPal 2
  4. Open the “Create PayPal payment button” page and complete the first of three steps outlined to create the button:
    1. Step 1:Choose a button type and enter your payment details
      1. Donation Button Process:
        PayPal 3
      2. Enter the organization or service name
      3. Customize the text or appearance
      1. Choose a button type, i.e. Use smaller button or display credit card logos.
        PayPal 4
      2. Select a contribution amount and merchant account ID
        1. Donors can enter their own information or you can provide a fixed amount for them to donate
          PayPal 5
    2. Step 2:Save your buttons (optional)
      1. Save the button at PayPal if you plan to make a similar button in the future
    3. Step 3:Customize advanced features (optional)
      1. You may want to allow your donors to include a special message or provide their shipping address here.
      2. You can also take them to a different web page after they make their donation
  5. Click the “Create Button” icon.
    PayPal 6
  6. Follow the final three steps to copy the code for insertion in an email or web page
    1. Click Select Code to select all the button code.
    2. Copy the code (CTRL+C for Windows, CMD+C for Mac — or right-click and choose Copy).
    3. Paste the code into your own website or email (CTRL+V for Windows, CMD+V for Mac — or right-click and choose Paste).
      PayPal 7
  7. To paste the code into a web page…
    1. Open your website editor
    2. Log into the admin section of your website
    3. Navigate to the page you want to edit
    4. View the “source” code of the pagePayPal 8
    5. Scroll down to the section you want the button to appear and paste the code
    6. View the page to see if it displays appropriately and save!

If you would like a brief personalized training session on creating a donation button for you own website contact me!

About Brian Loebig

Owner of, author of, and part-time Technology Manager for the Alliance for Performance Excellence, Brian has over 15 years of experience working in the quality improvement, human services and technology fields as an administrator and consultant. Brian has also worked as a practitioner and administrator in the corrections, substance abuse and human services fields with a special emphasis on technology. He continues to work with numerous community-based non-profits as a web technology consultant, board member and volunteer. Feel free to .
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28 Responses to How to Create a “Donation” Button in PayPal

  1. charle says:

    Really Helpful post , I am looking to create donate button for my blog , But not able to get exact steps how to implement , Thanx for sharing

  2. Yona says:

    Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  3. Zada says:

    I am trying to put one on my blog but I have to update to a business account. I don’t know what type of account to choose for a blog.

  4. DNS says:

    I can’t see donation button option anywhere…please help..

  5. Chris Sammy says:

    Hey Brian..thanks for sharing..
    very detailed and Screenshots really help to figure out process..
    I have a problem in the process…
    In Step 4..(A)
    i can’t see “Donations” option in Drop Down list..
    All i can see is..
    -Shopping Cart
    -Buy Now
    -Gift vouchers
    i have a business account in paypal…and i’m trying to Add Donate Button for our church website…
    I’ll be really glad if you can help me out…
    Thanks 🙂

    • BrianL says:

      Hi Christopher, I double checked to see if PayPal had changed the setup process and the steps I have here still work. I’ll send you a screenshot of what I have via email to see if it is different from what you are seeing.

  6. Punk says:

    i found out this blog post very useful . it finally helped me make the donate button . i would recommend that those how want to make a donate button must read this post.

  7. Hello Brian!
    I have checked the buttons page and the dropdown list contains only 4 options – Shopping Cart, Buy now, Gift Voucher and Subscriptions. The Donations option is not available!!
    Looking forward for your reply.

  8. Avi says:

    @Srihari “PayPal donations are not available for Indian users.”
    and the reason I was creating a Paypal account was only and only fundraising. my bad.

  9. I like the helpful information you supply on your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m somewhat sure I will be informed lots of new stuff proper right here!
    Best of luck for the following!

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